SmartOnes Artisan Creations Pepperoni Pizza

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SmartOnes Artisan Creations Pepperoni Pizza

Looks: The pizza on the box holds much more pepperoni, herbs, and cheese. That’s 0-for-3 on the main components of the dish; it gets one point for having a crust, and one point for being the right size: 2 out of 5

Taste: Given the average taste of the regular SmartOnes Pepperoni pizza, I expected the same from this pizza. And given the fact that I wrote the previous sentence, you can assume that is not what happened. This pizza reminded me of the pizza rectangles they used to serve at my grade school, but not as good. (I had no idea my school was serving “artisan creation”-grade pizza.) The sauce is gummy and close to ketchup; the cheese and crust are tasteless. Blech. 1 out of 5


  1. Brad says:

    Both pizzas actually have the same amount of pepperoni (7 slices), but the pepperonis in the picture are better proportioned throughout and have much cleaner cuts that make it appear as though there’s more there. Seriously, who can slice a pepperoni into quarters with a pizza cutter? The fact that the other 3 slices aren’t sliced on the box adds to the illusion.

  2. AcidicLemons says:

    ]: Yuck. A sauce that tastes like ketchup is never g00d. I love pizza, & I hate it when it’s butchered like such.

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