Domino’s Three Cheese Mac-n-Cheese Pasta Bowl

Reader Jacob sends in this picture and commentary of Domino’s Three Cheese Mac-N-Cheese Pasta Bowl:



Looks: The pasta looks generally the same in both cases, as does the “bowl”‘s crustiness, but the problem here (and it’s a doozy) is that the product in question is not nearly as tall in real life as it is in the ads. It’s really more of a pizza with pasta on top. 2.5 out of 5

Taste: I’m not gonna lie: this thing is delicious. But, when you’re eating, you’re faced with a conundrum: Do you eat the pasta and the bowl together, or do you eat the pasta and then eat the bowl, which on its own is pretty dry? Either way, I don’t know how anyone, no matter how hungry, could eat a whole Bread Bowl Pasta on their own. 4 out of 5

Uh, yeah, no one would ever eat a whole Bread Bowl Pasta in one sitting. Especially not me. Especially not while watching The Biggest Loser… alone. And crying. No sirree.

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  1. Shoshizzle says:

    Although I’ve never particularly tried this flavor of the Pasta Bowls series, I have tried the Italian Sausage Marinara Pasta Bowl and it was terrible… I ate less than a few bites of it and ended up throwing the entire undercooked slab of a disaster out the window and straight into the incinerator chute. Their pizza itself is entirely disgusting, at least where I live. The bread was the only thing worth giving a 2 out of 5 to. The oily mess of marinara sauce and “Italian sausage” (which tasted more like my middle school’s mystery meat), piled on top of each other with too much dry, cold Provolone cheese was detestable. Not to mention that the so called “Penne pasta baked in a zesty marinara sauce” was hard as a rock and the sauce was not full of any particular flavor. Right now, looking at the picture of what it should look like, I feel like it would taste good. Never again with Domino’s, though! Domino’s Pizza has never failed to let me down in the past, so I figured that by now, I would stop purchasing anything from them. Unless, of course, if someone writes me a review in which they find the food “beyond phenomenal” and have a sample of it left, before I waste $60… on food that my family ends up telling me that they hated.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I have no idea why, but I got one of those once. I opened the box and threw it out. I couldn’t see the bread as it was covered in cheese sauce. I did pick around at it and found the dough was not cooked under the pasta. It was a disaster.

  3. Name says:

    my one regret as a recovered bulimic is that i never got to eat and puke one of those.

  4. 1 says:

    this is like the Liger of the food world….i had no idea such a combo was sought for enough to necessitate an actual product.

  5. DJ HawaiianShirt says:

    I would love to know the calories in this thing.

  6. mik says:

    My god th at thing is fucking gross. I can’t believe they even make this. So goddamn gross. Unless shared between like 4 or 6 people this is so unbelievably bad for you it makes me gaggggg

  7. Anonymous says:

    That this is awesome. Just had one. I have had the chicken alfredo one too. They are both amazing. 🙂

  8. Emily says:

    It wasn’t that bad actually. I’ve had a couple from different Domino’s–I prefer the one in Ohio and not Pennsylvania where I studied abroad–the bread had too much flour on it and it was a little dry. I was able to eat one in one sitting because it wasn’t that big. I was thinking about ordering one tonight!

  9. Cas says:

    I ate the chicken alfredo version of this. The whole thing. Someone else had paid for it and I felt obligated to hork it all down, despite being somewhat queasy and eventually, very overstuffed. I opted to eat most of the pasta and then the bowl. There is no elegant or even convenient way of eating the bowl. I400 calories of “meh it’s ‘food'”.

  10. MB888 says:

    I’ll give everyone an honest answer (as the review did too) and say these things are actually great.

    I hate Damino’s subs and I never really cared for their pizza but with these bread bowls I have no complaints. The only complaint is how unhealthy they are but I knew that before I ordered mine.

    I’ve tried only the chicken alfredo which was really good. I get dipping sauce on the side for the bread which was also really good.

    There was nothing nasty about these things and they are the only thing I’ll order from Daminos.

  11. Wow well i dont like pasta at all! until i tried this thing…. i have made a contract with my family to get this once a week and we have been eating it 1ce or 2ce a week for over a year now…. I prefer the mac and cheese but my husband loves the alfrdo:)

  12. Angela says:

    Love the fucking Mac n cheese Pasta bowl.

  13. TominVA says:

    Looks disgusting lol

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