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Punch Mimi

A few days ago, Punch Pizza was giving away free Mimis – sauceless Neopolitan-style pizzas with basil, cherry tomatoes, and mozzarella. Did I get in on that action? Of course I did.

Looks: The pizza I got could very well have been photographed for the ad – except for the size of the basil leaves and normal variations in the char of the crust, it was exactly as advertised. 4.5 out of 5

Taste: When I first started eating it, I was skeptical – no sauce? What is this, Soviet Russia? Due to the lack of sauce or melted cheese to glue the toppings to the pizza, I resigned myself to eating it like a breadbowl salad – toppings, crust, toppings, crust. However, as I continue to work on it, I started to get the hang of grabbing tomato, mozzarella, and basil in each bite, and the more I ate, the better it tasted – something in the juice of the cherry tomatoes combined with the slightly salty crust to produce a delicious combination that was completely unexpected and completely awesome. (I think I would have appreciated smaller pieces of basil, but that could be because I have trouble cutting leafy food with my incisors – long story.)

While there are only six Punch Pizza locations (and they’re all in central Minnesota), their pizzas are the closest thing to authentic Neopolitan pizza I’ve had in the U.S. Definitely try them out if you have a chance. 4.5 out of 5

P.S. Punch regularly announces deals and promotions via their @PunchPizza Twitter account.


  1. jess says:

    Wait, you’re in Minnesota? I didn’t realize that! I am, too, and I’ll be having my first Punch Pizza experience in September when we’re down for the RenFaire in Shakopee. (I’m not a native Minnesotan, and just had a native MNan tell me about Punch Pizza last week. Since there’s one in Eden Prairie, which is where we stay when we go to the Faire, I promised I’d try it out.) If I remember, I’ll try a different kind and send in pics.

    • foodirl says:

      Yep, I’m in Chanhassen, MN, right next to Eden Prairie. When we get Punch, I usually go for a Napoli with sausage, and my wife gets a Margherita with prosciutto.

  2. charlotte says:

    Whaaaat, I consider myself pretty open minded and liberal when it comes to the definition of pizza but I am pretty sure to be considered pizza it has to have some degree of melting hotness. This is more like a panzanella pancake but hey it was free so I guess they can call it whatever they want, eh?

  3. mombalabamba says:

    Punch Pizza is the best! It’s spoiled most other pizzas for me. And their Mimi….well, it’s food of the gods as far as I’m concerned. You must mention the fragrance, the heavenly fragrance as you lift your first slice to your mouth. The Best Food Moment on Earth.

  4. Amy says:

    So speaking of pizza, have you seen the new Dominos commercials about how they’re taking photos of pizza right out of the oven instead of prettifying it for photo shoots (point being that they don’t have to put in any effort to make their pizza look good)? I feel like they are issuing you a direct challenge, lol.

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