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Announcement: Updated Website

Over the past few days, I’ve finished moving Food In Real Life off of Tumblr and onto a new Web host running the Crowd Fusion software. This change paves the way for some fun new features I have planned for the upcoming weeks, but it’s possible that you’ll encounter some bugginess.

If you notice any weirdness on the website, would you be so kind as to email me at food@foodirl.com so that I can fix it? I would be ever so grateful. Even if you don’t have any problems, I’d love it if you could just comment on this post so that I know you’re seeing these new postings.

And to keep this post on topic and not completely boring, here is a picture of what a microwave meatloaf looks like after cooking. (The full post with ratings and a review will be appearing sometime next week.)

Hormel Meat Loaf In Tray