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FoodIRL, Mexicano Edition

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

As you might have noticed, I’ve been on vacation for the better part of the last week. My family and I were on a Caribbean cruise, but that doesn’t mean I stopped working for you.

As we were walking through a quaint Mexican village, we stumbled across a little-known restaurante called “Pizza Hut.” We ordered the very Latino-sounding “Cheesy Pops Pizza:”

Pizza Hut Cheesy Pops Pizza - Ad

Pizza Hut Cheesy Pops Pizza

No formal ratings on this one, as I’m still shaking off my vacation-induced laziness, but it tasted exactly like an American Pizza Hut pizza.

Two other pictures for you from my travels abroad:

Big Whiskey

Whiskey – now in adult-sized bottles. (My thumbs-up is in the picture solely to provide a sense of scale, not to pass any judgment on drinking such a large bottle of delicious, thirst-quenching nectar.)

Chocolate Buffet

How many different kinds of chocolate cake can one cruise ship come up? The answer is 29. They were all delicious.

Pizza Hut Supreme Pizza

Friday, October 9th, 2009

Pizza Hut Supreme Pizza - Ad

Pizza Hut Supreme Pizza

Looks: It feels kind of like the toppings migrated towards the center of the pizza. I used to work at Domino’s so I know of this tendency, since it’s easier to just sprinkle the food over the middle than to work the whole pie, but come on Pizza Hut employee, take a little pride in your work. 3.5 out of 5

Taste: Come on, we’ve all tasted a Pizza Hut Supreme pizza before, right? I don’t have to describe it here, do I? It is Friday after all… I put up quality posts here, every day, at 6 am. Is it too much to ask for a day off once in a while? Here’s your stinkin’ review: bready, chewy, tasty, greasy, too many peppers. 3 out of 5

Pizza Hut Stuffed-Crust Pan Pizza

Friday, August 28th, 2009

Pizza Hut Stuffed-Crust Pan Pizza - Ad

Pizza Hut Stuffed-Crust Pan Pizza

Pizza Hut Stuffed-Crust Pan Pizza - Closeup

Looks: Not much different than a regular pan pizza from Pizza Hut. Some sauce spots peeking through the cheese and toppings, and the crust was a little lighter than the pizza in the ad. Also, the crust isn’t actually “stuffed” like the Stuffed-Crust pizza that Pizza Hut already offers; rather, there’s a moat of cheese next to the crust. The moat most definitely does not stand out like in the ad. 3 out of 5

Taste: Greasy. The crust + cheese combination tastes better than the crust of a regular stuffed-crust pizza, but the rest of the pizza tastes mostly like grease-covered bread. I wouldn’t order it again, and my hands were so slippery with grease that, by the end of the meal, I probably couldn’t have held onto my phone long enough to order it again anyway. 2 out of 5