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Pizza Hut Stuffed-Crust Pan Pizza

Friday, August 28th, 2009

Pizza Hut Stuffed-Crust Pan Pizza - Ad

Pizza Hut Stuffed-Crust Pan Pizza

Pizza Hut Stuffed-Crust Pan Pizza - Closeup

Looks: Not much different than a regular pan pizza from Pizza Hut. Some sauce spots peeking through the cheese and toppings, and the crust was a little lighter than the pizza in the ad. Also, the crust isn’t actually “stuffed” like the Stuffed-Crust pizza that Pizza Hut already offers; rather, there’s a moat of cheese next to the crust. The moat most definitely does not stand out like in the ad. 3 out of 5

Taste: Greasy. The crust + cheese combination tastes better than the crust of a regular stuffed-crust pizza, but the rest of the pizza tastes mostly like grease-covered bread. I wouldn’t order it again, and my hands were so slippery with grease that, by the end of the meal, I probably couldn’t have held onto my phone long enough to order it again anyway. 2 out of 5