Walgreens Truffle Cookies

Stef Cirillo sent in this set of snapshots: (Try saying that five times fast.)

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Walgreens Truffle Cookies

Looks: Well, the picture on the box is a cartoon, but I guess the cookies pretty much look like that. The added hilarity is that the cartoon is “enlarged to show texture.” Of the … box? The bitten cookie in real life looks nothing like the cartoon cookie, as I found it difficult to distinguish the caramel from the chocolate. 2 out of 5

Taste: Oh my god these cookies are amazingly delicious. None of the flavors are distinct in themselves, but meld into a delicious, choco-caramelly cookie delight. There’s even a hint of saltiness to offset the sweetness. The cookies are crunchy, the chocolate and caramel gooey. It took a considerable amount of self-control to make these last the three days I had them. Totally exceeded expectations. 5 out 5

Don’t be shy about disagreeing with anything or everything Stef wrote. I know you’re not timid when it’s me doing the commentary. 🙂

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  1. Razor512 says:

    The caramel is there, you just have to use your imagination :).

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