Star Trek Eggo Waffles

This week’s reader submission comes from wring, who photographed this food that I did not know existed:

Star Trek Eggo Waffles

“Star Trek Eggo waffles don’t taste much different from your usual Eggo waffles. A little carboard-ey and has a lot of air inside. It’s good if you have nothing else to eat for breakfast. 2 out of 5 (versus real waffles)”

Here’s a picture of how they’re advertised:

Star Trek Eggo Waffles - Packaging


  1. Blurgle says:

    The role of James Kirk is being played by Lance Bass.

  2. Razor512 says:

    seems like your also getting less since the middle area is flat (so you loose a couple grams of food)

  3. maggiee56 says:

    The Marie Calender meals are top notch, while a bit expensive.

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