DiGiorno Ultimate Pizzeria Style Four Cheese Pizza

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Digiorno Ultimate Pizzeria Cheese Pizza

Looks: Definitely closer to the box than other DiGiorno pizzas. While I can never get them to brown as evenly as the box shows, the cheese did brown to a similar color. Also, I couldn’t get the cheese to congeal the way it’s shown on the box, but it might have been due to cutting the pizza while it was too hot (although any pizza place would cut the pizza straight out of the oven). The amount of cheese was properly represented though, so no big whoop. 4 out of 5

Taste: The idea of the “Ultimate Pizzeria Style” is that it’s supposed to taste more like pizza from a genuine pizza joint than DiGiorno’s usual chain-pizza delivery style, and I was pleasantly surprised that it didn’t taste like a pizza that came out of my freezer. The cheese was thick, the sauce had a little bite to it, and the crust (which really made the difference) was chewy, but not so chewy that it was more like bread than pizza crust. The one point I’d take away from it is that the fontina cheese (one of the four varieties used) left a bitter aftertaste to the occasional bite, but overall, it was very good for frozen. 4.5 out of 5


  1. David says:

    Looks and tastes good. I have had these and they aren’t bad. However for this picture they actually used a torch to get the brown colors on the cheese. Magic food tricks huh?

  2. Name says:

    To get that even browning, I bet they use a Bernzomatic hand torch (the small type sold at home depot and walmart).

  3. Guest says:

    DiGiorno is a winner in my book. I’d rather have one of their pizzas than almost any other pizzeria pizza… almost. (We have a small family pizzeria in my town that makes awesome pizza and I don’t think that DIGiorno will top them. But they sure are better than Dominos and Papa Johns.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I put my oven rack 1 above the middle row…place the pizza right on the rack for 23 minutes just like the instructions say…and i have a beautiful browned cheesy pizza that is definitely better than delivery!
    The key? Keep the pizza in the freezer until your oven is preheated…I always took it out for the oven temp and left it on the counter…and i got a doughy crust in the middle and unmelted cheese.
    Gotta love digiorno…cheaper than delivery, tastes better than delivery, right at the foodstore…

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