Marie Callender’s Chicken Pot Pie

Clerkerist sends in this week’s reader submission and does a pretty good job of emulating the photo on the box:

This one is pretty much on target. The pie is browned and flaky. The only deviance from the package cooking directions was a little cooking spray in the pan before microwaving. Otherwise you pretty much have to serve the pie upside-down. Very tasty with crisp peas and carrots, all-white-meat chicken, and rib-sticking gravy. 5 out of 5

Wait a minute… “crisp peas and carrots, all-white-meat chicken, and rib-sticking gravy”? Clerkerist, are you an undercover Marie Callender’s rep sent here to counter the effects of my post on your disgusting cheesy chicken and rice? For shame, Marie Callender, for shame.


  1. C.K. Sample III says:

    The real life picture looks like it threw up. Yuck.

  2. Clerkerist says:

    Marie Callender rep? You think I throw down with those apron-wearing nincompoops? No, sir. But when it comes to pies, savory or sweet, these folks know their business.

  3. snackshark says:

    These are pretty good – preferably oven cooked rather than microwaved, but still one of the best frozen pot pies out there.

  4. Razor512 says:

    I generally get the chicken pot pie from costco, they have a box of 8 for like $10.

    they taste pretty good and when microwaved (generally 4 minutes) the come out crispy.

    but I am buying it less and less because the company has downsized, theres not as much sauce as there used to be

    while there are many chinks of chicken in it, some of them are not eatable because it will be like a chunk of fat with a chicken veneer

    The main reason why I get them is because they come out to around $1.25 per pot pie which is good because each pot pie is about 284 grams of food.

    If you need, I currently have some and can take a high res photo of it if needed.


    here is a image of how these pot pies look in a higher resolution

  5. Belle says:

    I agree with PM. Their potpie is awesome. Their cheesy chicken & rice is probably the worst thing of Marie Callendar’s that I’ve ever had. But most of their frozen food is pretty good. Or damn awesome like their pot pies. I must have one sometime this week. It’ll be the only thing I’m allowed to eat today. :X

  6. PM says:

    You may doubt his review, but Marie C’s potpie is hard to beat. It’s terrifically horribly bad for you (never ever read the nutritional box), but it tastes amazing.

    This makes me want to shorten my life and go get one right now. Unngghhh.

  7. jerryfrommontana says:

    Marie Callender pot pies are the best. I especially like their beef pot pies. But just a heads up, I had one of their beef pies a while back, just before I went to bed, and I had major nightmares.

    I’m sure that was just me.

  8. Clerkerist says:

    Beef pot pie? What are you, British?

  9. Anonymous says:

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  10. ketchup says:

    Looks like the box and tastes like the box thats all i have to say.

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