Jeno’s Pizza

Because I am not a machine, here is another reader submission, this time from Razor512:

Jeno's Pizza - Ad

Jeno's Pizza

“For $1.69 I picked up a box of Jeno’s pizza (total waste of money). This pizza if probably one of the blandest pizzas I have ever tasted. The crust is very thin, it looks thick due to it mostly being hollow on the inside. There is very little cheese and the sauce has very little taste and there is very little sauce (it the sauce it pretty much a part of the crust it is like the factory spilled sauce on the pizza and then tried to clean it all off leaving behind only the stain of sauce that used to be there). Overall for taste, I give it a 1 out of 5 and for look, I give it a 1 out of 5 also.”

Thanks, Razor512. (I especially enjoyed the phrase “stain of sauce.”)

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  1. David says:

    Not to mention that little pizza contains 8 grams of trans fat.

  2. Razor512 says:

    The main problem is for much is cost, you get very little for your money and even worst, it barely had a taste. While it is not the worst pizza I have tasted, it is one of the blandest ones. (if you want the worst pizza, check out the walmart value pizza crap, I would buy one if they still sell it, to take a picture of, but me and my wallet is scared because of how much of a bad experience I had with it a while back) (sadly i wasted my money before the article on it was posted on consumerist… )

    Sry if i was a little harsh in the review, I just hate getting ripped off, for the price I paid for it, I could have gotten a bigger slice (in terms of weight in grams) that taste much better from a local pizza shop for $1.50 if i hadn’t been lazy that dat and just walked the extra 3 blocks to the pizza shop)

    PS sry for the errors in the post

    I gave it a 1 out of 5 for the taste because it didn’t really have any

    and for the look, even though it had some cheese, the lack of pizza sauce knocked it down a point or two.

    While it is ok to eat, for the money I could have gotten something much better and compared to actual good pizza (which is around the same or more grams and cheaper at $1.50, for me this pizza was a really bad buy.

    here is a pic of the price tag

  3. chris says:

    gotta say the picture is pretty damn close to the box. i guess the cheese could be whiter to match, but everyone knows a good pizza is one where the cheese and sauce melt together and neither keeps it’s color. as for taste, for a $1.69 it’s great. i grew up on these and love them, especially the crust. they’re kind of like good bad movies. if you go in with high expectations you’ll hate them, if you go in expecting it to suck you’ll enjoy it. just think of them as pizza flavoured crackers and you’ll dig em.

  4. slag says:

    My wife and II lived on these in the early 90’s through college! I still love them! MMMMMM!

  5. snackshark says:

    I always call those “credit card pizzas” – the taste and thickness – uncanny.

  6. frozenpizzaadvocate says:


    These pizzas are delicious…and worth exactly what you pay for them.

  7. mariposa says:

    Also, check the ingredients label. I’ve noticed on some pizzas like that, it’s not actually anything that I’d call “cheese” in the list… but having grown up on things like this I have a taste for them and don’t mind eating them, even though they don’t quite taste like a real pizza.

  8. happinessiseasy says:

    $1.69?! Where do you buy your food. They only cost $0.77 here in AL.

  9. Anonymous says:

    oh man that pizza is soo good. i just had one actually hahaha

  10. Anonymous says:

    First off, the pizza is excellent for the price of $1 which is what is should cost. And don’t just get the cheese, cheese pizza is always more bland than any other toppings. $1 is the cost of a candy bar. You people paying 1.50 and higher are getting jipped by the store. If you buy it at a chain grocery store and not a gas station it shouldn’t be that expensive. You buy one slice of pizza(equal in size) in a restaurant for $2-3. Jeno’s is filling and the perfect size for no leftovers. If you’re super hungry get 2. $2 is still cheaper than a $4 private label pizza brand found in stores. Other similar brands (Totino’s and Smart Choice) have the soft soggy crust but I like the crispy much better.

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  12. jay says:

    i dont know what you’re smokin’, but these pizzas are great for under $1. I come from a part of the country where pizza is not only plentiful, but great quality all around as well. Thin crust pizza or GTFO.

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  16. TerSJC says:

    i love Jeno’s Pizza……its good, quick and easy for $1. if you are being that critical, ur a f*ckin idiot….ITS $1.00!!! MORON…..go spend money at Pizza Hut or Domino’s idiot…..

  17. mini says:

    i agree, these pizzas are good for the price :] i love how crispy they are and the sauce is always a little sweet. i hate regular frozen pizza too, btw. i think those are even WORSE and a lot more disgusting than you claim this pizza is, lol.

  18. Monica says:

    I love this pizza!!!! I use eat this all the time in high school. I’m so glad I found it again. Yummy

  19. Azlan says:

    I have not had a Jeno’s Pizza for a long time, but I too grew up on these they were fine then. They were much like Totino’s at the time they were competitors now they are owned by the same company.

    I recently rediscoved them all based on price and I have never found a fresh pizza that wasn’t just as tasty as a frozen pizza with extra cheese.

    When a pizza (for one in general) is under $2.00 you really can’t beat that price also these are the only pizzas I eat the WHOLE thing and no crust leftover heck no pizza leftover either.

    I also knew they have/had a unique flavor and I don’t expect much from a $2.00 and under pizza and they taste great with a little extra cheese.

    So I don’t know what anyone expected for something under $2.00. To me that like going to McDonalds and expecting the $1.00 McDouble to taste like a Big Mac, they are not the same and never will be.

    They are nice for under $2.00.

  20. anne borbely says:

    These pizzas are the greatest………….. just sayin…

  21. Errick says:

    Oddly enough, Jeno’s is my favorite of the bargain pizzas I’ve had, but they don’t have them up here. Totino’s is a close second but they just don’t get as crispy as the Jeno’s ones.

    I suppose bargain pizzas must be a YMMV sort of thing, though.

  22. jo mama says:

    I heart jenos

  23. Petrus says:

    I have always loved these but havent been able to find them in 2 years where are they around boston. So bad but sooo good

  24. JAMES ODONNELL says:

    I can’t find Jeno’s pizza at Albertsons or Vons in San Diego anymore. Have they stopped ordering them? What stores in San Diego carry them? Thank you.

  25. Razor512 says:

    When I was rating the pizza, I was rating it compared to it’s price and what else I could get, if the pizza was around 60 cents, I would have given it a higher rating, but for $1.69 I could have gotten a large slice of pizza for $1.50 from a local pizza shop and it would have been a hundred times better.

    PS stores in NY like to rip people off, if you are not careful when buying things, you can easily get ripped off in a number of ways

    mainly, having 1 price labeled on a item and the price magically going up at the cash register, or not getting back exact change (literally getting nickle and dimed). NY shopping system is based on greed, stores in poorer neighborhoods charge generally 2-3 times as much for food and other items as stores in more middle class neighborhoods. This is because in a poorer area, not many people have cars and are less able to travel to a competing store (especially if you have a larger elderly population)

    Anyway, when rating food, everything is relative, we compare in order to give a rating. When I rate, I generally compare to price range and what else is offered, $1.69 frozen pizza sucks compared to $1.50 pizza shop pizza.

  26. I used to be able to purchase this pizza at our local Giant Eagle in Bedford, PA
    they were the only market that carried this pizza. Now they do not carry them
    and I am wondering why because anytime I went to the market they were sold out
    especially the plain cheese. Can you tell me where in my are I can purchase this
    item as my grandson and his friends love them? Thank you for your help.

  27. Melissa George says:

    i love these little pizza’s expecially since Im single and dont always have to make a big dinner for just me. BUT I recently got two of these and when I opened the box the plastic around the pizza was slit open and half the pizza’s (both pizza’s) werent any good. So now I bought two pizza’s and cant even eat them I had to throw them away. I deserve two free ones as many as i buy!

  28. Ricky Van says:

    I don’t know why anyone would bad mouth Jeno’s pizza. I do agree that they don’t
    have much on top, but I add more of my own toppings. When I purchase Jeno’sCrisp & tasty pizzas, I also buy a bag of grated cheese.Heat up the toaster oven, bust the pizza out of the box and plastic,put more cheese on top, then srinkle some seasonings like pepper and salt free hearbs, then pop it in to the toaster oven. I usually do it at 400 degrees for about 20 minutes right on the rack, no sheet. Wait till you taste it then. I used to get them for $0.99, so I could afford to get more cheese and other fixings .I, also, only get the combination or the supreme because they have all the other stuff on them already. Oh, one more important item, Frank’s Red Hot. My gosh, it tastes like resurant quality. I know most of you are thinking, I don’t want to have to do more work to it to make it taste better, but what can you expect for $0.99 !!!

  29. Ricky Van says:

    One more thing, I’m also looking for them!! Stater Bro’s used to carruy them all the time, but now I can’t find them anywhere. I’ve tried Wal-Mart , Ralph’s, Food for Less. Where have they all gone to ? Oh were, oh were has my pizza gone ! Oh were, oh were can it be ! With its sausage and pepperoni on. Oh were, oh were can it be !!!

  30. Taylor says:

    These pizzas are amazing. I loved them so much 10 years ago (I’m 17) and I still love them. I had forgotten about them until a military base near me dramatically overstocked (1-2000 pizzas over 10 freezers full) and they were a quarter a box!!! $20 later I was very happy! They are the best for the price and I fold them over inti calzones for school and guys get jealous because they can’t find my military price

  31. Randy says:

    This used to be one of the very best frozen pizza’s back in the 1970s to very early 1980s before they changed the crust to crisp and tasty, and then wound up ruining their great pizza. The Jeno’s snack tray pizza or pizza snacks were awesome back then, along with the Buitoni toaster pizzas which were the greatest pizza’s of all! Jeno’s pizza never used to be called crisp and tasty, they ruined it when they changed the flavor and the crust, and it has been terrible ever since then. Read all the great reviews about the Jeno’s snack tray pizzas from back then and the original Jeno’s frozen pizza. I stopped buying Jeno’s pizza after they changed to crisp and tasty. If they changed it back to the original recipe they had in the 1970s, my freezer would be full of them. They used to be delicious! Does anyone else remember how good Jeno’s pizza used to taste back in the day?

    • Timko says:

      I remember the 70s Jeno’s. They had those small round ones. They were so tasty! I recall them having a nice player of tasty sauce but not a lot of cheese. Miss them! They were like 5″ minis with like a dozen in a box.

    • greg gerard wajda says:

      I easily ate 3 snack trays a week for a good ten years! I remember their demise was microwave ovens……can’t microwave aluminum trays. I’d pay twenty dollars for a snack tray right now. Boo Hoo.

  32. Gabriela S. says:

    I absolutely think these are the best cheapest pizzas ever. I could eat them daily!!! They need to be cooked in toaster oven or oven for best taste.

  33. David says:

    Oven? You are doing it wrong. Big skillet , on medium, heat for 2 minutes with lid on. Put pizza in and lid back on. Check back in 5. When cheese starts to melt, go and get your plate. Come back, slide pizza onto plate and eat. Crust slightly too brown, toppings just heated through, cheese melted, not dried out, heavenly!

  34. JLowe says:

    I love this pizza but cannot find it lately . Does anyone know where I can buy it now

  35. allana says:

    I was surprised reading this article. I think Jenos is the best frozen pizza. I actually believe that it is quite tasty as the sauce is seasoned and has a little sweetness to it and the crust is almost like a pastry. I used to eat their sausage pizza until they stopped making it and so now I just do cheese which is very very good considering its just cheese. I live in NYC and get them on sale for $1.00. If you didn’t like it you probably undercooked it, I like my crust crispy and the cheese slightly browned, but the key is baking it in the oven until that crust is crispy, if you follow these steps there is no way you can say the pizza sucks.

  36. Walter says:

    Best frozen Pizza bar none, I judge by taste not price. And you make me angry, I want to punch you for dissing Jeno’s. Most store pizza’s taste exactly alike, $1.50 pizza is crappy store pizza., if this pizza was in some fancy expensive restaurant, idiots like you would have said best pizza in the world. You must try it, one of kind!

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