Kellogg’s Special K Bar

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Special K Bar

Looks: It’s pretty close to the packaging. A few things are off: the color is a bit dark, the chocolate drizzle isn’t as uniform as advertised, and the bar’s edges are kind of rounded off. Over all though, it’s ok. 4.5 out of 5

Taste: First, I have to say, this bar is small. It’s only four inches long, and weighs in at 0.8 oz. (It’s so light that you might actually weigh less after eating it.) That put aside, it tastes surprisingly good for 90 calories. It’s chewy, with a nice, almost caramel-y flavor (although there’s no caramel in the bar), and the scent of the chocolate wafts nicely up to your nose even before you start eating it. It’s good for about four bites, so if you’re looking to get filled up, you’d be better off with a banana or an apple, but for a low-calorie sweet treat, it does the job. 4 out of 5


  1. mik says:

    One thing that always irked me about these bars is how they use the word “chocolatey” and never use “chocolate”. Makes it seem fakey. Really irks me and yes, I agree, they are TINY.

  2. Name says:

    I really liked reading the descriptions of the food. I’ve tried a few of the items mentioned and your analysis is pretty spot on. I’ll check back here often to find out which foods are ok and which are crap!

    Keep it up

  3. Name says:

    I only see the packaging. Wheres the real food?

  4. Anna says:

    Really enjoying your blog! Food styling and photoshopping have reached such a peak now that it is really interesting to see the actual naked food looks like.

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