Banquet Swedish Meatballs

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Banquet Swedish Meatballs

Looks: This meal is very well-represented on the box. The only nit I can find to pick is that the gravy/sauce comes out kind of lumpy, not smooth like on the packaging. Other than that, everything is fine – the meatballs are the right size, the colors are correct, and the portioning is accurate. 4.5 out of 5

Taste: What’s a word between that falls between “edible” and “delicious”? Oh right, it’s “banquetswedishmeatballs.” This meal is pretty good. The meatballs are substantial and actually taste like meat! (Really, they taste like salisbury steak balls.) The noodles are a little soft, but not as soft as say, Chef Boyardi Ravioli noodles, and the sauce has a nice peppery flavor. This is one of the few Banquet meals that I’ve bought after already having tried it in the past. 4 out of 5


  1. Laura G. says:

    Banquet’s Enchilada Combo meal tastes pretty good, too (although it’s not as close a match, visually, between the picture on the box and what it looks like IRL) and their prices can’t be beat! (The other thing I like about the Enchilada Combo is that it’s only 360… calories and, yet, pretty filling. That’s much lower in calories than almost any of their other entrees, and on a part with many of the “diet” frozen dinners of comparable weight.)

  2. Name says:

    WTF? 4.5 looks? Everythign is too light in shade and the herbs shown on the box is non-existant in your picture.
    (A little disapointed that they shopped in some steam also)

  3. mark says:

    After having stouffers sm, this one sucks, but things are so tight, might buy it again?
    Banquet Spaghetti & meatballs more acceptable, but 1 too few meatballs(4) & as mentioned, not enough sauce-barely enough to coat the noodles

  4. Dawn says:

    this is the most HORRIBLE tasting CRAP boxed pre packaged food I have EVER HAD!!! OMG! NASTY nasty nasty!!!!

  5. bunny cakes says:

    this meal really sucks … I found it completely disgusting and I had to have a bunch of seasoning cheese and ranch just to be able to finish it . dont eat it

  6. KeyboardWizard says:

    Being in my 50’s, I’ve eaten my fair share of frozen meals. I hadn’t had anything from Banquet in some years, so thought I’d give it a try. BAD IDEA. It only cost $1 at the store, and I can see why — the buck was for the tray, box, and shipping (the stuff you’re meant to eat didn’t cost anything to produce). Basically, the brown goo (which was kind of watery, and showed signs of separating) was tasteless [had to add a lot of salt and pepper just so it would have SOME flavor]. The pasta was, well, tasteless. The 4 meatballs had some flavor, but it’s tough to stretch 4 meatballs over the course of eating the pasta. QFC should be ashamed for selling such . Note to self: do not ever, EVER [no matter how hungry you are] buy anything from Banquet again!

  7. Robert says:

    Smelled bad and the only thing that tasted remotely edible were the meatballs but even that wasn’t very good. Try something else.

  8. dawn says:

    Tasted like someone put it up their ass, let it sit for a month, then shit it out. I have horrible cramps now after eating this.

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