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Trident Green Apple Golden Pineapple Layers Gum

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009

I’m bringing you something a little bit different today – an unboxing of the latest gum offering from Trident:

Trident Green Apple Layers - Ad

The new gum is called Trident Layers, and you might have seen the commercials for it on TV, where everyone wishes that they would get paid in gum instead of money.

Appropriately, the gum packaging unfolds like a wallet, revealing the silver-wrapped gum dollars within:

Trident Green Apple Layers - Unboxing

I shivered in anticipation as I removed the first gum bill from the cardboard sheath:

Trident Green Apple Layers - Unpackaging

As I unwrapped it, music started playing softly and the room began to glow. This is no ordinary gum.

Trident Green Apple Layers

Each piece of this gum has three layers (hence the clever name); the two thick layers are like regular gum, but the skinny inner layer is a flavor explosion. (No gum chewers were harmed in the flavor explosion.)

Taste: As soon as you bite into it, you can taste intense citrus and green apple flavors, much moreso than from any other citrus gum I’ve tried. Sadly, the intense flavor disappears after a few minutes, but the gum maintains a lighter flavor and chewability for about two hours. 4 out of 5