Subway Bacon and Egg Breakfast Sub


(multiple varieties picture)

Subway Bacon and Egg

(pictured on Monterey Cheddar bread, not Italian).

Looks: The meat and cheese aren’t folded inside the egg like in the advertisement, and there isn’t nearly enough sandwich toppings to make the bread fold open like the ad shows. It does fall within the generally-accepted range of how fast food should look compared to the advertised product. 3.5 out of 5

Taste: Satisfying, but without a lot of flavor. The egg has a strange wetness that you feel inside of your mouth as you chew on it, as if it were filled with a bunch of small water pockets. The bread is good and chewy, and the pre-cooked bacon adds a little snap to the rest of the sandwich’s softness. Since it is intended for breakfast, a time of day when most people are averse to strong flavors, it’s not a bad combination. 3.5 out of 5


  1. Alex says:

    I worked at subway for two years in high school and I would strongly recommend never ever eating breakfast there. Think of all the times you’ve been to subway and how often does anyone get the breakfast? NEVER! so these egg like fluffs (and the sausage too!) just sit in that little mini fridge waiting for some poor person to eat. In all the time i worked there i think i made less that 20 breakfast sandwiches. Also dont eat the tuna either, its got a lot more mayo in it then you’d imagine!!

  2. Jo says:

    Well, the one in the picture has what looks like ham on it? While yours has bacon, so that’d give less ‘oomph’ to the sandwich. Also, did you notice the ones in the back have sausage AND bacon on them?

    Those pre-made microwave eggs of Subway’s are nasty. They really ruin the overall flavor of the sandwich. I’ve eaten a lot of times at Subway but rarely eat there anymore because 8 times out of 10 the bread is crusty and dry. I’d get delis that are rock hard on the bottom, making them practically impossible to eat.

  3. Mark says:

    Eating this at my local Subway made me sick for the rest of the day.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I’m glad I don’t eat breakfast at Subways, only lunch and dinner.

  5. Christiee says:

    ohooh! I worked at subway too for a while, like 6 months. I made maybe 3 breakfast sandwiches in that time. …the egg comes in frozen, and yes it sits in that refrigerator for who knows how long, at my subway they’d just kept re-dating things that didn’t sell, so not to waste product. I was way disgusted when they labeled this cajun chicken sandwich thing w/ bell peppers as “NEW” when it just never sold, I was pretty sure ours was a month old. Also meets, toppings, etc are majorly limited. like I think it was 3 pieces of thin meat per sandwich. Unless you pay twice is much money pretty much, and then veggie wise I just remember they told me that technically I was only supposed to put like 4 olives on a sandwich, but I always just threw on a bunch of stuff depending on what customers wanted.

    I think it’s interesting.

  6. Dominique says:

    Precooked eggs. How gross! Maybe they blow air into them at the Subway precooked egg factory to poof them up and make more of it by volume. Styroegg. Then when it’s reheated at a Subway ‘restaurant’ (to be served ‘FRESH’ to you), steam from the solid part fills up the air pockets to give you the water pockets. Can’t believe anyone would eat breakfast at a place that doesn’t even crack eggs! Thanks for the real life picture of a Subway breakfast sandwich, and not just the pretty official advertising ones. This one and all the other blogger fotos of real life Subway breakfast sandwiches all look like something that was thrown away, then fished out of a dumpster.

    Like Jo the number of times I got dried out bread at a Subway also snapped me out of my Subway sub habit. Corporate Subway seems to be all about pushing the bottom limit as low as possible on what people will pay money for, by cranking up the advertising machine as high and obnoxious as possible. Then the franchise jumps on top of that by selling dried out bread instead of throwing it out.

    The bright side is if all those thousands of Subways go out of business, and real non-chain bakeries serving breakfast with real eggs in the morning and real deli sandwiches for lunch take their place.

  7. Jesse says:

    I ate it yesterday morning. I am still sick!!! Donot try it!!!

  8. Karen says:

    I so wanted to like the eggs. I love breakfast sandwiches. I would eat these every day with a fresh egg. Sorry, but you can’t skimp there. Hire someone to just do the eggs for an hour in the am. Even if you zap them a second if you have to. But having rubber eggs that are unnaturally MOOSHY and (ugh) sit in coolers will terminate Subway’s entire effort with breakfast. Healthy food does not have to suck. Sorry Subway. Get it right and I’ll be back EVERY DAY.

  9. rocket625 says:

    I got the double bacon and egg so the sign in the window says 5$ I end up paying 6.75 for a six inch, Thing looked like a gasket with subway dried out bread. The lady in the subway had one mission, to do as little as possible and rush my sorry ass out the door. She puts on this 1/2 slice of cheese and 1 piece of bacon, (double bacon) that you could see through. The highlight of the sandwich is the tomatoes weren’t stale (yet) give it time. The bottom line is you can’t just make everything then let it get stale and dry, then expect to charge the big bucks. Nobody wants to do anything anymore but make money, and usually for some dick in New York City.

  10. TominVA says:

    I’ve tried breakfast at Subway twice, both times I have regretted it due to taste. Very bland, no matter what I ‘added’ to my breakfast from the sub-toppings.

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