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This Week in Comments

Friday, November 20th, 2009

I’d like to take some time each week to recognize the top comments from the previous week that added value to the conversation (or ones that just made me laugh):

In the discussion about photographing food, Razor512 chipped in quite a bit of helpful information:

“if you have a dslr, use the exposure bracketing

lower the exposure all the way (in many cases it removed the over exposed areas, then do 1 normal image and then do some tone mapping or just photoshop out the highlights by replacing those parts with the under exposed image)

another solution when taking a image of a very shiny object and you want to preserve detail, use a low powered indirect light, then with the camera do a 3 second exposure (or longer depending on the camera, also use the lowest ISO possible)” … (comment continues here)

An anonymous user voiced their concern for my health:

“Read you every day, but I worry about your health. Nothing but highly processed foods in your diet? Look and taste is a good start, but I’d also like to see more analysis of the nutrition of these ‘foods’. If it looks good because of colored dyes, or if it tastes good because of lab flavors, then I think you have become an unpaid volunteer for the future of ‘soylent’ products. You should at least make some money from your experiment because you’ll probably need it for medical expenses in the near future. I’ve been tempted by the pictures on the box and the amazingly low prices, but not very often have I been able to eat more than a mouthful before spitting it out and dumping the rest.” (context)

And one more anonymous user added this very important tid-bit about Taco Bell’s new Blackjack Taco:

“It also makes your poop dark green!” (context)

Thanks for all of your contributions; I hope to do this every week. Did anyone see a favorite comment that I left out?